The Zone of Turbulence

When you heard of an airplane crash, haven’t you asked yourself once:” How did the passengers on board felt in moments of turbulence before the crash?”

Unfortunately, we will never get an answer to this question. Unless survivors tell their stories.

Teenage period is the same. Similar to an airplane, full of zone of turbulence and uncertainty. We will learn this through the story of Linda, a girl is from Kisumu. She just turned into a beautiful 16 years old young woman, elder of 4 siblings. She lost her mother at a young age; her father is a drunkard who comes home late most of the time. Despite all this, Linda is an ambitious girl; she wants to study computer science on a scholarship abroad, despite her father’s objections to it.

As a reader, you want to know what is going on in her mind and life right now? How can you know that? Who can she talk to?

Luckily, she can find an ear listening twin in our organisation, Linda which means “protect” in Swahili. Our mobile health counseling service aims to spark conversations on such turbulence situations that young people experience. We have noticed that many young people, especially girls, do not have a private and secure platform to ask questions on myths, misinformation, and ignorance regarding sexual reproductive health issues.

So, do you still want to know what happens in teenagers’ minds during zones of turbulence? Support our work. Support Linda.

P.S Linda* was given as fictional name, related to our organisation.

Author: Martine Irakoze