Leading Through The Uncomfortable

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This is Africa, we bargain!

“Would you accept a 30 USD price for these used shoes or would you bargain for a better price and nicer quality? If you would bargain for shoes, why wouldn’t you do the same for the quality of information on sexual and reproductive health? Making misinformed decisions based on myths and misconceptions daily change lives of millions of adolescents through unintended teenage pregnancies. For this reason, Linda allows young people to bargain for a better future through an anonymous and human centered enquiry platform.”

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Our mission

Our initiative exists to spark conversations surrounding sexual reproductive health rights among adolescents by breaking myths, misinformation, and taboo.

Our vision

We envision a world of zero teenage pregnancy and where young people make informed decisions about their lives. Beyond this, we also plan to lead a global action from communities towards a provision of better sexual and reproductive health education and services to adolescents.

Our Values

Privacy, Proactivity, Community, Growth.

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